Geographical Indications - Italian Cultural Heritage

Bruxelles 1-4 April 2019

The exhibition, which is hosted at the headquarters of the European Parliament, is the result of the journey of knowledge of the Italian enogastronomic cultural heritage initiated by the Qualicultura project.

It wants to offer the public a synthetic vision of the age-old relationships between food and wine products and typical places of origin, calling into question a sense of belonging linked to the territorial identities.

The exhibition offers 24 tables, examples selected from over 800 Italian PDOs and PGIs, which symbolize the link between food and culture - artistic and architectural heritage, literary works, illustrious personalities and much more.

Emblematic cases selected as part of the Treccani Gusto initiative, a research project carried out in 2018 in collaboration with the Treccani Encyclopedia Institute to testify how products with a designation of origin have been a central element in national identity for centuries.

The Geographical Indications show not only unique qualities and organoleptic characteristics, but also the ability to crystallize in memory and in culture, history, symbols, arts, literature and many other activities; they also reaffirm how the PDO PGI Regulation, conceived by the EU back in 1992 with the aim of consolidating rural development in marginal areas and protecting agri-food and wine products, also represents an evolved food labeling process capable of making the common european culture heritage and spread it over time and space.