General Conditions of use

  6. LINKS


These General Conditions govern the use of the official website of the Parmigiano-Reggiano Cheese Consortium, which can be accessed via the main address, via the URL addresses, and via any other address that allows direct access to sections or web pages of the site.
This website belongs to the Parmigiano-Reggiano Cheese Consortium (hereinafter referred to as the Consortium). Data and information relating to the Consortium can be easily read in the section General Information that can be opened from the website home page.


Users shall read these General Conditions of Use of the website that have a contractual nature.
The use of or access to this website imply the knowledge and acceptance of these General Conditions, as well as of conditions that the Consortium may establish at any time. As a consequence, visitors or users shall carefully read the General Conditions in force when accessing this website.
Similarly, the use of specific services available for users shall be subject to Special Conditions, warnings, or instruction to be accepted without reservation.


Users of this website are allowed to access and use the contents and services provided by the Consortium.
The purpose of the website is to offer visitors and users all basic, general and technical information relating to the activity of the Consortium aimed at protecting, promoting and safeguarding the Parmigiano-Reggiano Designation of Protected Origin and at safeguarding consumers in every step relating to the production and sale of the cheese for which this designation can be used.


4.1 Free-of-charge Access and Use
The access and use of the Consortium’s website are free of charge. In the event that the use of specific services or contents are subject to payment, this circumstance would be duly notified to users in advance.

4.2 Registration of Users
In general, the access to and use of the website do not require users to subscribe or register. Despite this and on an exceptional basis, certain contents and/or services may be subject to registration of the users with the Consortium’s databank. In these cases, the user undertakes to use its access keys (user’s name and password) in compliance with the following provisions:

  • the password, chosen by the user, cannot offend public morale and order, it cannot jeopardise the rights of honour and image of third parties, it cannot in any way violate the Industrial Property rights and copyrights of third parties;
  • the access keys are destined exclusively the user-owner and their custody and correct use are under its sole responsibility. The Consortium shall in no way be liable for possible damages to users or third parties resulting from the use of the password by others, with or without the consent or knowledge of the user.

The Consortium undertakes to comply with the obligation of respecting the confidentiality relating to the user’s password.

4.3 Truthfulness of the Information Provided by Users
Users shall provide truthful and authentic information and data to the Consortium when subscribing and/or using specific services. In this respect, users undertake to update information so that it continually corresponds to reality. Users shall be liable for any false or incorrect conclusions resulting from the information and data provided, as well as possible damages deriving thereof.
The Consortium shall process the personal data provided by users automatically based on their nature and purpose and according to the terms and conditions established in the section Privacy.

4.4 Obligation of Correct Use of Contents and Services
Users undertake to use the services and contents making up this website correctly and in compliance with these General Conditions, the regulations in force, and the public morale and order.
With the prior and express consent of the Consortium, users can use the website contents and services for personal use and, therefore, they will abstain from any behaviours that may directly or indirectly imply a commercial use thereof.
In any case, users will use the contents and services provided by the Consortium in compliance with the legislation in force, they will undertake the responsibilities deriving from any type of behaviour that may in any way be unlawful or prejudicial to the rights of third parties or may jeopardise, prevent or limit the use of this website by the Consortium or other users.
Minors shall use the services provided by this website exclusively with the prior consent of their parents or legal guardians, which is considered given unless otherwise notified.
In particular and by way of example, users undertake not to use data or contents for advertising purposes, not to send or disseminate via this website messages, images, photos, software, data or contents that may jeopardise the fundamental rights recognised by the law; that may inspire, incite or promote criminal, defamatory, slandering and discriminating activities on the basis of sex, race, religion or ideology or, in general, actions against the law, the public morale and order; statements that may be false, ambiguous, incorrect or obscene; elements that may be covered by Industrial Property rights or copyrights or belong to third parties, without the prior express consent of the legitimate owner; actions that jeopardise or may jeopardise the right of honour, intimacy, image of third parties or may violate the regulations in terms of protection of personal data; that may represent an unlawful, deceptive or unfair publicity; that may contain viruses, Troy Horses or any other material or programme that could damage or alter the operation of IT machines or systems.

4.5 Prohibition of Access
The Consortium reserves the unilateral right to deny access to the website to users who do not respect the Conditions of Use in force, without any prior notice or justification.


5.1 Industrial Property
The designation Parmigiano-Reggiano, that is continually displayed on this website, represents the Designation of Protected Origin in conformity with the provisions envisaged by Regulation (EEC) 2081/92, governing the Protection of Geographical Indications and Designations of Origin of agricultural and food products. As a consequence, the Consortium is the only and exclusive owner of this designation, which can be used exclusively by the producers located inside the production area who comply with the conditions specified in the production regulation. Therefore, any use of the designation by third parties is strictly forbidden, as are in particular its usurpation, imitation or evocation, even if the designation is translated or accompanied by expressions such as “strain”, “type”, “method” or other similar terms, without the prior and express consent of the Consortium.
The aforementioned designation Parmigiano-Reggiano, together with other distinctive marks (graphical and denominative) appearing on this website, are equally protected by the national, European Community and international legislation in force relating to brands. These distinctive marks are an exclusive property of the Consortium, therefore their commercial use by third parties without the prior and express consent of the Consortium is strictly forbidden.

5.2 Domain Names
As highlighted in the previous point with regards to the Parmigiano-Reggiano Designation of Protected Origin and other distinctive marks, the domain name and all the other names that allow a direct or indirect access to this website, such as and, belong exclusively to the Consortium. Their unlawful use in trade would cause a breach of the owner’s rights via registration and shall be dealt with via all the legal means envisaged by the national and international laws in force.

5.3 Copyrights

5.3.1 The contents, texts, photos, designs, logos, images, sounds, videos, animations, recordings, software, programme codes, games and, in general, any intellectual work present in the website, as well as the website itself as a multimedia work are protected by the regulations in force governing Intellectual Property rights.

5.3.2 In compliance with the above, the Consortium has the exclusive rights of reproduction, dissemination, distribution, modification and translation, as well as any other property right on the contents specified in point 5.3.1..
In certain cases, the Consortium has been duly authorised to use specific contents by their legitimate owners.
All this without prejudice to the moral rights of the authors in compliance with the regulations in force governing Intellectual Property.

5.3.3 Programmes for processors and freeware that do not belong to the Consortium and that users may find and download from pages of this website to gain access to the various pages and the services offered are not subject to protection. In any case, they are applications of public domain by the express will of their authors.

5.4 Personal Use
Users are authorised by the Consortium to display, print, copy or save - on hardware or other media - protected intellectual works and any other contents protected or non-protected by sole rights in this website, upon condition that these operations are carried out for personal and private purposes of users, without commercial, distribution and/or dissemination aims and without changing, altering or transforming the mentioned contents. The right to personal use is recognised upon condition that legal warnings relating to the copyrights and Industrial Property rights described are followed, and it does not in any way imply the granting of a licence to the user.
Any other use of intellectual works or contents of the website requires the prior and written consent of the Consortium.

5.5 Reservation to Take Legal Action
The use of contents and services of this website does not imply the granting of any licence of use to the user, neither relating to Intellectual Property rights, nor to any other rights.
Users of this website undertake to respect the Consortium’s rights and to avoid any behaviour that may cause a breach of such rights; in any case, the Consortium reserves the right to any and all actions envisaged by the law to protect its Intellectual Property rights and copyrights.


6.1 Links to pages independent from the website
On the Consortium’s website users may find links giving access to independent pages. Their sole purpose is enabling the access to other sources of information on the Internet that are closely related to the contents and services offered. Their presence on the website is based on the respect of possible Industrial Property rights and Copyrights.

6.2 Conditions for Links to this website
People or bodies that may be interested in having a link from pages of other websites to any page of the Consortium’s website shall comply with the following conditions:

  • Any link to the Consortium’s website shall connect exclusively to its home page and can consist exclusively of the expressions “Parmigiano-Reggiano Cheese Consortium”, “Parmigiano-Reggiano Designation of Protected Origin”, “Parmigiano-Reggiano DPO”, “Parmigiano-Reggiano” or by the graphical-denominative mark with the dotted inscription “PARMIGIANO-REGGIANO”, as it is displayed on the website home page, and the use of any other brand, logo, slogan or any other distinctive mark belonging or not to the Consortium is forbidden.
  • Frames, deep links and links using images present on the Consortium’s website are not allowed without the prior and express consent of the Consortium.
  • No false, inaccurate or incorrect element will be introduced on the Consortium’s website, on its contents or services.
  • In any case, the creation of a link shall be preceded by a written request sent to the Consortium via fax or e-mail to the addresses and numbers given in the session General Information, clearly specifying the domain name of the website from which the link should be created, the ownership of the Site and its contents.
    In the event the Consortium does not send a negative response within 15 days of the receipt of the above request, the link shall be considered approved.
    The owner of the website authorised to create a link to the website undertakes to notify any change in the ownership or contents of its website to the Consortium.
  • The authorisation to create a link shall not imply the existence of any type of relationship between the Consortium and the owner of the website with which the link is established.
  • The creation of a link without respecting the mentioned conditions may cause the breach of the Industrial Property rights and Copyrights of the Consortium protected in the form specified in point 5 of these General Conditions.


The Consortium informs users that, unlike otherwise notified, no cookies are installed in the website


8.1 With regards to contents:

8.1.1 Information: one’s own and third party’s information contained in this website is supplied as it is, without any guarantee relating to its correctness and update. As a consequence, the Consortium is not responsible for possible damages deriving from its use.

The Consortium undertakes to make all efforts to prevent the presence of unlawful contents on its website and to eliminate it or ban access to the website as soon as the Consortium becomes aware of it. Despite this, the Consortium cannot guarantee the lawfulness of the contents provided on the basis of the information received from third parties, collaborators or users.

8.1.2 Errors: with regards to the previous point, the documents and information published may contain technical mistakes or involuntary printing errors, for which the Consortium shall not be responsible. In any case, the owner of this website apologises for possible errors and undertakes to correct them in the shortest possible time by putting itself at the users’ disposal for any comments, amendments or suggestion via the e-mail address

8.1.3 Links to web pages independent from the website: the Consortium is not responsible for the contents accessed via links to web pages independent from the website, for the changes introduced to them, for the use made of them and for their availability from a technical point of view.
Nonetheless, the Consortium undertakes to make all efforts to prevent the creation of links to other sites having unlawful contents. In the event such circumstance were detected, the Consortium undertakes to take immediate action to remove the link or disable it.

8.1.4 Chats: the Consortium is not responsible for the opinions expressed on various chats or spaces dedicated to users that may be made available within this website; however, the Consortium will make all efforts to make sure that these services are performed correctly without being prejudicial to the rights of honour and image of third parties. Nevertheless, the Consortium reserves the right to deny or eliminate messages with unlawful contents as soon as these are detected.

8.2 With regards to operation:

8.2.1 Privacy: the Consortium does not guarantee absolute privacy in the use of this website, since it cannot be excluded that third parties may know about such use and use circumstances.

8.2.2 Virus: the Consortium is not responsible for possible damages caused by computer viruses, the absence of which cannot be guaranteed.

8.2.3 Technical Problems: the Consortium is not responsible for the bad operation of the website or of any of the services offered to the public, should the origin of such problems derive from accidental circumstances, Acts of God, activities required for the maintenance of the website or any other cause beyond the Consortium’s control.


Even if the duration of the website is indefinite in principle, the Consortium reserves the right to modify or end the provision of its services or contents either partly or totally at any time without any prior notice to users.
Similarly, the information, presentation and services offered by this site can be subject to periodical or scheduled changes that may be freely introduced by the Consortium without any obligation to notify this to users in advance.


These General Conditions of Use are governed by the regulations in force in Italy.
Any controversy that may arise with regard to the Consortium’s website, or to the interpretation and/or application of these General Conditions, shall be subject to the Italian jurisdiction with exclusive competence of the Court of Reggio Emilia, and the parties expressly waive the right to use any other courts.