NEWS - 14 giugno 2018

“The most influential brands 2018” Ipsos ranking: Parmigiano Reggiano once again the first PDO in the world

For Italian consumers, the King of Cheeses is the second brand in the food sector, after Nutella. For the boomers target, it is the first food brand and fifth overall

Reggio Emilia, 14 June 2018 - Parmigiano Reggiano is the most influential PDO brand in the world, according to “The Most Influential Brands 2018” ranking, organized by Ipsos, an independent market research company that operates in 89 countries. Every year Ipsos carries out a survey with a sample of Italian consumers, whose objective is to identify the global brands considered to be the most reliable, influential and “unique” ones. For the King of Cheeses, this is a confirmation: in 2017, as well, Parmigiano Reggiano was found to be the most influential PDO brand.

Reading through “The Most Influential Brands 2018” ranking we also see that, for Italian consumers, Parmigiano Reggiano is the second brand in the food sector, immediately after Nutella. Moreover, if we consider the specific boomers target (people aged between 52 and 70: 15 million in Italy), Parmigiano Reggiano is firmly in the Top Ten most influential brands: more specifically, it ranks fifth overall, first brand in the food sector, and first PDO in the world.

Two factors, in particular, determine the influence of the King of Cheeses: Its “Trustworthiness” (consumers believe in and trust the brand, and therefore pay attention to what it communicates. Furthermore, they are ready to speak well of it to others), and “Corporate Citizenship”.  In other words, Parmigiano Reggiano recognizes that it is much more than a mere product: it expresses and inspires a number of values, therefore playing an active role in society.

The Ipsos survey shows that, for Italian consumers, Parmigiano Reggiano is a brand «I trust» (60%, compared to a national average of 23%), «that I use regularly» (65%, compared to an Italian average of 23%), «that makes me feel Italian» (65% vs. 14%) and «that is environmentally aware» (in the opinion of one in four respondents).

Riccardo Deserti, Director of the Parmigiano Reggiano Consortium, expressed his satisfaction: «We are confirmed in 2018 as among the most appreciated global brands and, once again, the first PDO brand: Italian consumers recognize - and reward - the uniqueness of Parmigiano Reggiano, which is the result of its absolute naturalness, of craftsmanship - a “know-how” that has been handed down from generation to generation over a thousand years - and a deep bond with the territory. And behind all this are production specifications that have never made any compromise. The results of  ‘The Most Influential Brands 2018’  survey organized by Ipsos also testify to the success of the brand repositioning  strategies undertaken by the Consortium, with the goal of making consumers aware of the benefits and advantages of Parmigiano Reggiano PDO. More specifically, 2018 was a record year as regards investments in advertising, marketing activities and public relations, for the development of demand in Italy and abroad: the Consortium has planned investments for 20.3 million euros, 7 more than last year.»

Another interesting element to emerge from the Ipsos ranking is the perception of Parmigiano Reggiano not simply as a product but as a lifestyle - says the Director, Riccardo Deserti. It is the concept encapsulated in the ‘food of life’ claim: the King of Cheeses, a genuine, natural, delicious Italian product, can be enjoyed at different times of the day and is a perfect ally for health and psycho-physical well-being. Rich in nutrients, it is indispensable for children’s growth, for the health of teenagers and the elderly, and for providing energy for playing sports.»

«Parmigiano Reggiano ranks among the first in the sector, and second in the food sector, after Nutella, in confirmation of how important and well-established its position is in the collective Italian imagination and not only in foreign markets. It is particularly influential with boomers, ranking in 5th position.  Trustworthiness and Corporate Citizenship were important aspects, thanks to which Parmigiano Reggiano is perceived as a brand that, on the one hand, can be consumed frequently and is deserving of trust and, on the other, is environmentally aware and can foster a sense of national belonging. Product care and strong local presence make the trademark a name that has been able to earn the trust of consumers over time. A trust that is shown by their sharing the brand’s values” points out Nicola Neri, CEO of Ipsos.

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