Crispy bread balls with Parmigiano Reggiano and pine nuts

Main coursea few minutes30 months


Serves 4

300 g stale bread without crust

2 eggs

300 ml milk

80 g Parmigiano Reggiano

250 g corn flakes

20 g pine nuts



peanut oil

salt and pepper

150 g mixed greens


  1. Dice the bread and cover it with milk. Stir and leave to soften for 10 minutes.

  2. Wring the bread and crumble it using the hands, add eggs, Parmigiano Reggiano and pine nuts. Flavour with salt, pepper and some strands of chopped chives. Should the mixture be too soft, add some breadcrumbs.

  3. Crumble the corn flakes and mix them with two handfuls of breadcrumbs.

  4. With the bread mixture, form balls of the size of a walnut, roll them in corn flakes pressing slightly to make the pieces adhere to the surface.

  5. Deep fry in hot oil for a few seconds, then drain them on kitchen paper.

  6. Serve hot with fresh salad.

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