Rolled pork shoulder with parma ham and Parmigiano Reggiano

Main coursea few minutes12-18 months


Serves 4

8 pork loin slices (about 1 cm thick)

8 Parma Ham slices

100 g shaved Parmigiano Reggiano

4 spoons of extra virgin olive oil

4 sage leaves

50 g unsalted butter

1 glass of white wine



Lay the pork loin slices on a board and pound them slightly. Arrange a Parma Ham slice and some shaved Parmigiano Reggiano on each loin slice. For each slice, fold in the edges on either side and roll them up, finish with a toothpick to hold them together.

Heat butter, oil and sage leaves in a pan. Add the rolls and sauté, turning them and simmering with white wine until reduced. Cook for 30 minutes over gentle heat.

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