Place of Origin

Strong ties to its area of origin


Parmigiano-Reggiano is strictly bound to its place of origin.

Its unique and inimitable taste is the return from a long journey through nine centuries of history, passing through a fertile countryside stretching from the Apennines to the river Po.

Both the production of milk and its transformation into cheese take place in the provinces of:

  • Parma
  • Reggio Emilia
  • Modena
  • Bologna, to the west of the Reno River
  • Mantua, to the east of the Po River   

Naturally good

Naturally goodThe secret of such goodness originates in the place of origin, in the natural feed, and in the high quality milk with no additives.

During the long aging process, natural fermenting agents in the milk give the cheese its particular flavor and texture, in other words, its typicality.


BoccaccioAnd there was a mountain of grated Parmigiano cheese, on which people were making nothing but maccheroni and raviolis

Giovanni Boccaccio, Decamerone, 1351, description of the Bengodi land.