NEWS - 19 ottobre 2018

Parmigiano Reggiano: the Consortium flies to Dubai with the Emilia-Romagna Region

In view of the Expo Dubai 2020, the goal is to strengthen the presence of PDO products in the United Arab Emirates. Event at Eataly on 23 October. Appointment for the World Pasta Day at Abu Dhabi on 25 October.

Reggio Emilia, 17 October 2018 - In view of the Expo Dubai 2020, the Parmigiano Reggiano Consortium will join FICO Eataly World for an institutional and business mission to Dubai organised by the Emilia-Romagna Region. The mission – from 20 to 25 October 2018 – will coincide with the celebrations dedicated to “Two Years Until Expo Dubai 2020” to renew the appointment with the first universal exposition in an Arab country.

The Consortium’s goal is to strengthen its presence in a fast growing market like the one of the Gulf area, particularly interested in Italian products with Geographical Indication. The goal is fully shared by the Emilia-Romagna region that has included amongst the mission’s goals the implementation of promotional activities in the qualify food sector (PDO and PGI).

In addition to institutional commitments, time will be also dedicated to a gourmet event addressed to foodies and food aficionados. At midday on Wednesday 23 October, in the exclusive Eataly shop inside the Dubai Festival City Mall, a wheel of Parmigiano Reggiano cheese will be split open in public, whereas at 6:00 pm pasta dressed inside a carved half cheese wheel will be served.

On 25 October the delegation will move to Abu Dhabi for the twentieth anniversary of the World Pasta Day. The event, organised by AIDEPI (Association of Italian Sweets and Pasta Manufacturers) and IPO (International Pasta Organisation), celebrates the qualities of pasta: pillar of the Mediterranean Diet recognised as UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage.

“Parmigiano Reggiano – stated the Consortium’s Director, Riccardo Deserti - has a consumption turnover of 2.2 billion euro. In 2017 exports increased by +3.9% reaching 39% of the overall production (147,125 tons). In this context, according to ISTAT data, the United Arab Emirates lead the imports of Italian hard cheeses into the Arab peninsula: 394 tons in 2017, compared to 128 of Saudi Arabia, 101 of Qatar and 3 of Bahrain”.

A market that is expected to grow rapidly – Deserti continues - and where the Parmigiano Reggiano Consortium has already started investing: 2017 indeed saw a comprehensive media relation project aimed at educating journalists, readers and consumers on the specific features of PDO products and in 2018 a comprehensive marketing study was carried out to plan communication activities addressed to consumers and promotion activities in points of sale to support the growing popularity of Parmigiano Reggiano in the Gulf area. In this respect, the European Union has just confirmed a three million euro funding to the Consortium for a promotional campaign in the Gulf Countries.”

“It is another important initiative - adds the councillor for agriculture for the Emilia Romagna region, Simona Caselli - to strengthen the positioning of food and wine excellences of the Emilia-Romagna region at an international level in view of our participation in Dubai 2020. We have shown over the years that we can compete globally in terms of quality and innovation; this mission will enable our agri-food exports to the Gulf countries to grow identifying new forms of collaboration with institutions and local businesses, to protect our typical products and make them more recognisable. 2017 was an important year for exports of agri-food products from the Emilia-Romagna region - a trend that is continuing also this year, but there are still significant margins for growth, especially in emerging markets like the United Arab Emirates and, more in general, the Persian Gulf”.

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