22 ottobre 2004

The first edition of the "International Parmigiano-Reggiano Award", created by the Consorzio del Formaggio Parmigiano-Reggiano to promote local products has been won by "Cidre de Glace", a wine made in the Canadian province of Québec, from fermenting frozen apple must.
With this award, the Consortium aims to support the work of a group of producers committed to safeguarding a product and its geographical identity in the same way as Parmesan was protected seventy years ago.

"Cidre de Glace" is a type of wine created from a cleverly devised combination of apples and ice. In fact the wine is made from fermenting the must of frozen apples and is produced in the Canadian province of Québec.
It is a well known fact that the winter cold helps produce excellent ice wines and can increase alcoholic strength by several degrees as well. This process can also be used with apples. To produce Cidre de Glace from frozen apples, a number of methods were tested, freezing the cider, the apples on the trees and the must. The best results were achieved with the apple must.

This type of procedure, which is fairly well known by producers but not defined in certain terms, requires specific regulations. So producers have joined ranks to decide on a common set of rules which will establish a standard for "Cidre de Glace del Québec", a code of conduct and an external quality evaluation committee for the possible future award of a quality mark.

One of the main supporters of this initiative is Guy Tardif, owner of the Clos Saint-Denis winery, which produces Cidre de Glace under the trademark POMME DE GLACE(r).
The datasheet on Pomme de Glace reads as follows: "Pomme de Glace MC is to apples, what ice wine is to grapes. The cold concentrates the fruit with aromas and flavours coming to the fore when tasted. A delicate blend of different apple varieties is used to produce the wine, mainly comprising the "Liberty" cultivar, with its well balanced sugar and acidity levels and natural resistance to fungi".
After a number of processes lasting around a year, which are very similar to vinification, "Pomme de Glace", which is simply cold-concentrated apple, without sugar or other added ingredients, is ready to drink or may be left to age.

(Ice Apple Wine)

Alcoholic strength: 11%
Flavour: liqueur-sweet
Colour: golden, amber hues
Serve with: fois gras, cheeses, desserts and chocolate
Temperature: serve chilled ( 4 - 5°C )