A charming journey through marvellous landscapes to discover the gastronomic secrets of the "king of cheeses"

This year also begins a summer-long journey that take us to the halls where every morning the Parmigiano- Reggiano is born and in the wharehouses where it ripens for so long a time. During the stops that trace the way of the "Concerti della Via Lattea" the imperative is to listen, taste and realize the complexity which derives from the unique intertwinig between Parmigiano Reggiano and music.
"Concerti della Via Lattea" is a series of performances designed by "Dietro le Quinte" and Arci Reggio Emilia and achieved thanks to the precious collaboration of the Reggio, Modena, Parma sections of the Parmigiano Reggiano Consortium as well as the many institutions of the territory that support and strongly believe in the importance of spreading the culture of our tradition. The dates keep on multiplying, 19 are in fact the concerts of this fourth edition that is becoming a reference point of the Emilian summer festivals. Given the success of the past editions, dairies and creameries wished to give their contribution to make these events possible because they are convinced that the good of what day produce every morning is worth being known beyond the conventional schemes of a guided tour.
These usually inaccessible places will host, among the countless rows of ripening cheese and warm red copper bowls, the audience who will unexpectedly experimwent the pleasant feeling deriving from the historical atmosphere that one breathes where the Parmigiano Reggiano is produced today as it was eight centuries ago.