Nominated today by the Board of Directors which met for the first time following the season of shareholder meetings

Reggio Emilia, 11 May 2006 - This morning, Giuseppe Alai was nominated president of the Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese consortium in the course of the first meeting of the Board of Directors to be held following the season of shareholder meetings which, in April, elected the board members of the five provinces in the area of origin.
The same meeting witnessed the nomination of two vice-presidents, Eros Valenti, with interim functions, and Paolo Bandini, whilst Polidoro Scarica and Marco Prandi complete the executive committee. Indeed the last few days have also seen the nominations of the presidents of the provincial sections: Stefano Cavazzini for Parma, Graziano Salsi for Reggio Emilia, Aldemiro Bertolini for Modena, Paolo Carra for Mantua and Oriano Caretti for Bologna.

Giuseppe Alai will be taking over from Andrea Bonati, who led the Consortium for two turns. Married and father of two children, Alai is 49 and hails from Guastalla. He is vice-president of the Benatta social dairy of Guastalla and is able to boast extensive experience in the sphere of cooperative and farming organisations, along with knowledge of managing financial institutions. Indeed he is currently at the helm of Confcooperative's Provincial Union of Reggio Emilia as well as being president of the Banca Reggiana.
He is also a council member of Reggio Emilia's chamber of commerce.

"The next few weeks" the newly-elected President declared, "the bodies of the Consortium will have to get to work to set out a programme of action which will involve the cheese manufacturers in consolidating the quality and excellence of the product, and which encourages greater expansion in the markets by promoting Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese abroad".