Parmigiano Reggiano: a "success story" for Facebook

The web marketing campaign "I Love Parmigiano Reggiano" consecrated as one of the three "success stories" of the Italian market

Reggio Emilia, 20 February 2013 - The web marketing campaign "I Love Parmigiano Reggiano" has been consecrated by Facebook as one of the three "success stories" of the Italian market. The fan page of the Consortium of Italians' most beloved cheese has had, in fact, a surge of visits thanks to an editorial plan - enriched by an online contest with a Fiat 500 as a prize - that attracted the attention and interest of new fans through the publication of information on nutritional values, news and recipes in which Parmigiano Reggiano is used as an ingredient.

The results were such that Facebook mentioned it as one of the most successful campaigns in Italy.  In little more than three months, users who clicked "like" on the Parmigiano Reggiano page were nearly 100,000, turning it into the Italian page of a product bearing a designation of origin with the highest number of fans ever. Today the has indeed more than 200.000 fans.

Aicod, the web agency that has designed and followed Parmigiano Reggiano along this growth on the web, deals with the management of social networks for important Italian players such as the Consorzio del Prosciutto di Parma, Academia Barilla, ALMA - The International School of Italian Cuisine of Gualtiero Marchesi, Fiere di Parma, Maserati and Lorenz.

'We are going in the right direction and we are determined to continue talking directly to our fans and consumers on Facebook. We are proud of having launched a product like Parmigiano Reggiano on social media: an icon of Made-in-Italy products that has an ancient history and inimitable characteristics' declared Giuseppe Alai, President of the Parmigiano-Reggiano Consortium.

'Communicating the excellence of Parmigiano Reggiano on the web 2.0 has been a thrilling challenge that has given excellent results. The people of the web are indeed increasingly more careful to the quality of food products and show growing interest in information about the supply chain, processing phases, nutritional characteristics and food safety' explained Alessandro Riccomini, CEO of Aicod.

Here is the “success story” presented by Facebook: