Parmigiano Reggiano, the PDO sweeps the board thanks to the National Team

At the World Cheese Awards 2014, held in London, with 3,000 cheeses from 33 countries. The Supergold Award goes to cheese from the Grana d'Oro Farm of Cavriago

London, 15 November 2014 - "The largest cheese competition in the world, and the largest Parmigiano Reggiano mission ever mounted resulted in a profusion of awards for Italy; a good 21 medals plus a Supergold for the National Parmigiano Reggiano Team, which shared out prizes among Bologna, Modena, Parma and Reggio Emilia". This was the statement made by Giuseppe Alai, President of the Parmigiano Reggiano Cheese Consortium, commenting on the participation in the 2014 World Cheese Awards contest of 21 dairies, under the banner of the National Parmigiano Reggiano Team, which competed with producers and distributors from all over the world.  Altogether, this meant 3,000 cheeses from 33 different countries, ranging from Australia to the USA, from South Africa to Northern Europe, assessed by over 250 jurors from 26 nations.

"The 'King of Cheeses', with 7 Golds, 7 Silvers and 7 Bronzes plus a Supergold, was thus the highest award-winning PDO Cheese in the entire contest. A huge satisfaction, witnessed by the joy of a numerous delegation of cheese makers from the district, headed to the UK capital to enjoy this moment," explains Gabriele Arlotti, creator of this award-winning group of cheese makers.  Meanwhile, at London's Olympia, the BBC Good Food Show was taking place, at which there was a space for promoting and selling typical products, organised by the Conva Consortium in collaboration with the Parmigiano Reggiano Consortium. The Bath Blue, a typical cheese with blue/green marbling from the United Kingdom, was judged outright winner of the 2014 edition which, however, saw the sample from the national Parmigiano Reggiano Team's red cows from the Grana d'Oro farm (Cavriago, RE) arrive among those deemed the best in the world, with the "Supergold" Award.

WCA 2014 Foto L. Amorini

Below are the 18 medals in detail:

Over 24-month Category:  
A Gold Medal for Azienda Agricola Grana d’Oro (Cavriago RE), which also finished among the Supergold winners at the event, taking Parmigiano Reggiano into the finals; and the dairies Sociale Fior di Latte (Gaggio Montano, BO), Cooperativa Casearia Agrinascente (Fidenza, PR), Società Agricola Giansanti (Parma), Fattoria Fiori (Vetto, RE), Querciola (Lizzano in Belvedere, BO), Nuova (Bibbiano, RE);
Silver Medals were awarded to the following dairies: (Lizzano in B., BO), Dismano (Montese, MO), Punto Latte (Concordia sul Secchia, MO), Coduro (Fidenza, PR), Cavola (Toano, RE), Urzano (Neviano Arduini, PR), Del Parco (Ramiseto, RE).
Bronze medals: Cooperativa Casearia Agrinascente (Fidenza, PR), Castellazzo (Campagnola, RE), Cavola (Toano, RE), San Girolamo (Guastalla, RE), San Giorgio (Casina, RE).

Under 24-month Category:
Bronze Medal for the dairies Cavola (Toano, RE), and Urzano (Neviano degli Arduini, PR).

Nazionale Parmigiano Reggiano 2014, vittoria

The National Parmigiano Reggiano Team 2014-2015 consisted of 21 cheese dairies: 5 from Parma (Cooperativa Casearia Agrinascente, Caseificio Sociale Coduro, Latteria Sociale Costa di Bazzano, Società Agricola Giansanti, Caseificio Sociale di Urzano), 3 from Modena and its province (Caseificio Dismano, Caseificio Sociale Nuovo Malandrone, Punto Latte), 2 from Bologna and its province (Caseificio Sociale Fior di Latte, Caseificio Sociale di Querciola), and 11 from Reggio Emilia and its province (Caseificio Sociale Allegro, Caseificio Sociale Castellazzo, Caseificio Sociale Cavola, Caseificio Sociale del Parco, Fattoria Fiori di Fiori Pier Paolo, Latteria Sociale Migliara, Latteria Sociale Moderna, Latteria Sociale Nuova, Latteria Sociale San Giorgio, Latteria Sociale San Girolamo, Azienda Agricola Grana d’Oro). The group's accolades to date, since its foundation in 2001, now total 72 international awards.