Parmigiano Reggiano at EXPO ends with a bang

450,000 contacts in the month of October, of which more than 300,000 in the Future Food District alone. More than one hundred dairies involved in tastings and events

Reggio Emilia, 3 November 2015 - The participation of the Parmigiano Reggiano Consortium in Expo 2015 ended with a "bang". A "sold out" October - which exceeded even the September results - saw in the Supermarket of the Future pavilion an absolute record of visitors: over 300,000 in 31 days, with a third of the visitors lining up at the corner set up by the Consortium for tastings of Parmigiano Reggiano - at two different maturation stages - provided, through the six months of the Expo, by 72 different dairies.     

"The final assessment of our participation, which in October gained over 120,000 contacts from the Cibus Italia pavilion and other events - points out the Director of the Consortium, Riccardo Deserti - shows 2.3 million contacts for our product and 1.1 million tastings, but also an unprecedented involvement of the dairies from the production area: 106 dairies, almost a third of their total number, participated in Expo (from the Future Food District to the Emilia-Romagna Region "small square" and other collateral events)".      

"It was just this participation - says the President of the Consortium, Giuseppe Alai – which allowed us not only to talk with consumers about the distinctive characteristics of our product, but above all to demonstrate the strong bond between the territory and hundreds of artisanal businesses involved in absolutely natural production methods based on the experience and skills of our master cheesemakers.

As to figures, the highest number of contacts for Parmigiano Reggiano was recorded within the Future Food District, followed by the Cibus Italia pavilion (over 250,000 contacts and 5 weeks of guided tastings) and the Emilia-Romagna "small square", where the Consortium organized 9 events dedicated to the product's distinctive characteristics (maturation stage, type of milk cows, cattle feed, etc.) and to the area of origin, with the presentation of the new "Visits APP" (an easily downloadable audio guide that makes it possible to follow every production phase and discover the secrets of artisanal dairies), to which was added the game "Spakka il kilo", that invited visitors to guess the weight of a piece of cheese, which was then won each time by the person making the closest guess.              

"Along with this very high number of contacts and tastings - said Director Riccardo Deserti - the key aspect of our participation in Expo were the meetings with over 500 international delegates: mostly representatives from the world of distribution, connected with numerous specialized press journalists, with results that will be seen over time in different Countries in which we aim to increase our exports."

Among the events that aroused particular interest were, finally, the launch of Kosher Parmigiano Reggiano for observant Jews (with the first wheel being opened in the Israel pavilion), the auction of a wheel matured for ten years from the Vo' Grande dairy (Mantua) in aid of the people of Nepal affected by the earthquake, and the presentation of the first zero environmental impact production in terms of carbon dioxide by the Caramasche dairy of Mantua.

"Now - President Giuseppe Alai said - the efforts of the Consortium are focused on making the most of what the Expo generated in terms of contacts and knowledge of the product, and consolidating the first signs of recovery shown by the quotations in some provinces: in addition to the foreign projects, in a few days a new advertising campaign will be launched on national TV and Radio channels, with the immediate objective of promoting our product in the run-up to the Christmas and New Year holidays, which in 2014 registered an increase of 7% over the previous year".