Kosher Parmesan Cheese in the Israel Pavilion at EXPO

Cutting of the first wheel on October 27th. Of interest for 13.5 million Jews around the world and 12.5 million consumers of Kosher products present in the Usa

Reggio Emilia, 23 October 2015  -  This will definitely stand out among the new entries at Expo 2015. The protagonist of the event planned for October 27th in the Israel pavilion will be the first wheel of Kosher Parmesan Cheese, produced under strict observance of the set of religious dietary rules (Kashrut), derived from the Torah,  which for over three thousand years have been applied by observant Jews all over the world.

Produced one year ago by Bertinelli Dairy Farm of Parma, the cheese wheel that will be cut open at Expo is part of the production branded by the Parmigiano Reggiano Consortium supervisor a few days ago (cheese can only be branded after 12 months of maturation) and certified Kosher (i.e. in conformity with Jewish laws) by one of the most reputable bodies: OK Kosher Certification, based in New York, where one of the largest Jewish communities in the world lives.

The magnitude of the potential new business emerges from figures like 13.5 million people of Jewish religion in the world (40,000 in Italy) and 12.5 million consumers of kosher products in the United States alone, where these foods account for almost 30% of all food sold in supermarkets.

The cutting of the first wheel of Kosher Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, at 11 am on Tuesday 27th October in the Israel pavilion at Expo 2015, will take place before the Commissioner of the pavilion, Elazar Cohen, the chairman of the Parmigiano Reggiano Consortium, Giuseppe Alai, the managing director of the Bertinelli Dairy Farm of Parma, Nicola Bertinelli, and Rabbi Yeshaya Prizant, representing the certifying body OK Kosher.