The Consortium at the Italy-Russia Economy Forum

At the Expo's Russian Pavilion, President Alai attended the Italy-Russia economic forum, where contacts and economic potential between the two countries were promoted

Reggio Emilia, 16 October 2015 - The forum "Unity of ideas - business success: Russia and Italy" took place on Thursday, October 15 at the Expo's Russian pavilion.    

The forum was organized by the Department of Science, Industrial Policy, and Entrepreneurship of Moscow and by the Chamber of Commerce of Industry of the Russian capital, with the participation of representatives of the Moscow authorities, of Milan, of other municipalities, and of the business and financial community of Russia and Italy.     
An international event in which participants discussed the current issues of the bilateral collaboration for the development of business relations and direct industrial contacts between Italian and Russian entrepreneurs.

"The forum was of particular interest" - said Giuseppe Alai, President of the Consortium, who attended the meeting, "as there was not only a presentation of the Russian economy, but also a discussion of the relations between Italy and Russia in light of the embargo on European and Italian products, following Western sanctions against Russia. The embargo has significantly affected the exchange between the two countries, worth 54 billion dollars in 2013 (half of which agri-food products), and down by 40% in 2015. To understand the size of Russian economic power, it is sufficient to remember that it is the country with the most water and land in the world and that it is the third exporter of wheat in the world. But it is not very strong just in the production of primary commodities; it is also a particularly attractive country for world investors as a location for industrial production facilities; one need only consider that, although it does not have a national car brand, it is the seventh car producer in the world. This ability to attract capital and production facilities is not surprising, given that the tax burden on companies is 13.9%."            

The meeting was opened by Sergey Sobyanin, Mayor of Moscow, which alone has a population of 40 million people, followed by speeches by Max Reshetnikov, Minister of the Government of Moscow and Head of the Department for Economic Policy and Development of Moscow, and by Oleg Bocharov, Head of the Department of Science, Industrial Policy and Entrepreneurship of Moscow. The structure of the meeting was a success as, after the speeches, time was made for closer personal and business contacts, during which President Alai was able to speak with Maxim Reshetnikov and Oleg Bocharov.