To the newly graduated Massimo Bottura a dedicated seven year Parmigiano Reggiano wheel

Reggio Emilia, 7 February 2017  -  Together with the honorary degree given to him by the University of Bologna, chef Massimo Bottura (creator of the "Osteria Francescana" restaurant that was classified as the best restaurant in the world by the “World’s 50 Best Restaurants” list) was also awarded a special prize by the Parmigiano Reggiano Cheese Consortium.

The protection body gave Chef Bottura a wheel of Parmigiano Reggiano made with milk from Bianca modenese cows produced in July 2010 by the Rosola di Zocca dairy with dedication on both sides.

The prize was handed to him by the President of the Modena Section, Aldemiro Bertolini, together with the Consortium’s Director, Riccardo Deserti, and the Chairman of the Rosola di Zocca dairy, Alessandro Marchi.

The wheel side reads the inscription  <To Massimo “Impossible is Nothing” Since 1986> to remember the year when Bottura started his restaurant business taking over the Trattoria del Campazzo restaurant in Nonantola (MO).

The quotation is one of Massimo Bottura’s favourites and expresses the great chef’s approach to life and his profession.

"The Consortium’s prize - underlined the Consortium’s President, Alessandro Bezzi - is a symbol of special gratitude to Bottura who has always expressed his full appreciation for Parmigiano Reggiano, but it is also the symbol of a deep union and shared dream".

"We share the fact of living in a land - added Bezzi - that is rich in culture, gastronomic wealth, deep production traditions, of which we should all be proud, but even more we share the fact of reaching for the stars and beyond, yet being rooted in our strong traditions that are our backbone, but at the same time the nourishment of our dream".

The strong tie that Massimo Bottura has with his land and tradition was reinforced by a passage of his lectio magistralis held yesterday before the Academic Senate of the University of Bologna: “Vanguard is possible only if you master tradition and the classics. The key is the product, the religion of the ingredient. Sacred as it was in the past when food was scarce, yet to be enhanced by what modern techniques can do.” 

Land and openness to the world, raw materials and use of technique to fully respect the ingredients, seeped into tradition and innovative vision. “For all these reasons – Bezzi concluded – those who live on food production in our area should acknowledge Bottura’s ability to enhance our products as a valuable heritage to be cherished and leveraged worldwide”.

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