In Germany: young chefs in the kitchen with Parmigiano Reggiano

On Friday September 8, in collaboration with the food magazine Efilee, Parmigiano Reggiano promoted an event at the Margarete restaurant in Frankfurt dedicated to young chefs

Frankfurt, 12 September 2017 - Three maturation stages of Parmigiano Reggiano - at 24, 60, and 90 months - and a basket of surprise products. These were the ingredients with which two among the most famous young German chefs "competed" against each other on Friday, September 8 at the Margarete restaurant in Frankfurt.

Simon Horn from the Margarete restaurant and Daniel  Fröhlich from the Leib und Seele restaurant in Wiesbaden were invited to feature the King of cheeses in a menu to be offered to the press and opinion leaders present at the event. Vijay Sapre, organizer of the event and chief editor of the magazine Effilee, judged the dishes and chose the ingredients of the "mystery box".

The event was featured in the magazine and it was followed live in social media by the publication, the chefs, and all those present who documented the evening with great enthusiasm.